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We are a brand-focused web design agency

Does your website accurately present your brand?


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[ lurn ] verb.

To open one’s self up to question, understand and accept that which was previously unknown.

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“Our website doesn’t align with our brand.”

― Savvy Marketing Director

One of the most common concerns we hear from clients is that their website and brand are out of whack. From the first time we engage with you, we focus our efforts on learning about your organization. It takes time and understanding to effectively produce a website that not only wows your visitors but accurately represents your brand.

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Kristi Annes, VP of Marketing Strategy,  IMO Health


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We love partnering with marketing teams looking to impact and grow their brands.

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Downloadable resources to help Marketing Directors address the specific challenges we hear the most

On-demand videos featuring our team and industry leaders

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Sharing our expertise in marketing, design, and technology


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[ stra-tuh-jize ] verb

Collaboratively map a path to success based on learnings and proven methodology, while focused on an end goal.

“Our previous agency had no plan.”

― Experienced Marketing Leader

A project as significant as a custom website redesign requires a thoroughly thought-out strategy. We apply our learnings to establish a clear objective and purpose for your brand before we start the creation of your new website. Defining and documenting the strategy for your project helps attain alignment between your marketing team and the additional stakeholders in your organization.

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gillian Carter

Marketing Director, Brandtrust
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Web Design Agency on Clutch in 2021

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“Solid Digital looks at the big picture and how it’s ultimately going to drive results."


“Hands down the best web team to work with. I have worked with several creative teams in the past and now wish those projects were handled by Solid Digital. The team is well organized, extremely knowledgeable, communicates effectively, and is very responsive.”

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“Our strategy sessions were exceptionally productive, allowing the designers and engineers to get a true feel for our vision and run with it.”


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[ kree-eyt ] verb.

To propel into existence a new form, notion, item or iteration with purpose and intent.

“The design of our website is outdated, and to be honest, it sucks.”

― Newly-Hired Marketing Manager

Your website should have a look and feel that matches your brand, stands out in your industry, and speaks to your audience. We create strategic visual designs that generate positive emotions. You should get used to hearing, “I love your website.”

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Work we’re proud of

New look, new personality

Showcasing a People-centric Approach

A refocused user experience

Illustrations that tell a story

tools + tech we love

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[ groh ] verb.

To expand in presence, size or importance; to progress from one stage to the next; to mature; to flourish.

“We need a proactive partner who sticks around.”

― Frustrated Marketing Director

Retaining the value of your website requires ongoing improvements, iterations, and content creation. Our ongoing Digital Growth and support programs will help you retain the value of your website and stay digitally relevant for years to come.

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Matthew Briggs

Content Manager, St. Charles Trading

We believe in digital growth

Digital Growth® is our way of connecting business objectives to an effective website strategy.

The foundation is a well-designed website built to create user engagement. From there, we help you measure and track the Digital Value of your website and work collaboratively to improve it over time.

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Your organization’s website should be seen as an asset.

It should elevate your brand, create growth, and establish thought leadership in your industry. See the different ways we use our website as an asset for Solid Digital: