Wordpress Web Development

Our WordPress web development process is highly collaborative and optimized to create results. Each project focuses on driving the key metrics of your business while providing the best possible design & customer experience.

Roughly 35% of all websites were built with WordPress.

Used by large and small businesses, WordPress is more than a publishing platform. It is a great solution for marketing websites, ecommerce, learning management systems and more.
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Beautifully Designed

Companies with a well-designed website tend to earn more trust and referrals. The websites we design are well organized, clean, visually pleasing and provide a good user experience. In addition, they are easy to manage.

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Technically Sound

We’ve built 100’s of websites over more than a decade. The experience we’ve gained working with large brands and high traffic sites means that your business can benefit from best practices and strong technology capabilities.

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Empowering Marketers

Each website we build provides the ability for marketers to create new landing pages and calls to action that’s integrated with their CRM.  You won’t have to call a developer to create a new campaign. 

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Custom Integrations

Our sweet spot is working with growing companies and these companies need results and access to critical data. We can integrate 3rd party software with your websites like an ERP, CRM, Job Board, analytics tool, or anything else you need.

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Page Speed & Performance

Websites that are slow to load see a much larger bounce rate than those that load quickly. Fast loading websites also rank better for search engine rankings. Our team follows best practices to help your site perform well.

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WordPress is a great solution for e-commerce when your site has more than one purpose. A combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor might be the perfect fit for your business.

WordPress Web Development
WordPress Web Development

Our Process: Sep by Step

Process Step 1

Brand Discovery +
Web Strategy

Each project includes a multi-hour strategic working session to ensure that our teams are aligned and there is an understanding of what you want and need.

Process Step

Web Design +

Our designers create websites that motivate visitors and our technologists provide functionality that empowers marketers. Our team is agile and well managed.

Process Step 3

Quality Assurance +
Usability Testing

Your website should be tested on the browsers and devices that your customers use. We’ll test visuals, custom integrations, calls-to-action and user experience.

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Launch Support +

It’s important to us that our clients feel supported through the launching process. That’s why we fix any issues found up to 30 days after your website goes live.

Frequently asked questions

How much of a website budget is spent on development over design?

Many agencies spend a lot of time hand-coding templates and doing work that they’ve done 1000 times before. We don’t believe in that, our developers focus on integrating 3rd party services, custom development, and automation. Our design team uses leading technology to create beautiful sites that communicate and inspire. We maximize your budget by spending more time working with you directly and less time reinventing the wheel.

How do you stay aligned with your customers?

It starts with a strong strategic working session at the beginning of the project. We get all the stakeholders in the same location and make sure that everyone is heard and their needs are met. When the project is in progress we meet virtually on a regular basis to show our progress, review questions, and get critical feedback. Communication is key and we work hard at it.

I’ve had problems with other web developers, how are you different?

We’ve heard this A LOT and have your back. We’ve invested in training, project management, and our team to provide the best experience possible. We provide schedules upfront and stick to them. A general rule of thumb is that if you stick to the schedule, you stick to the budget. That means our process needs to be tight and quality needs to be high in order to deliver on this promise. 

My boss wants results, how do you prove your ROI?

At the beginning of a project, our team gets together with your team and discovers 3 key metrics that the website should be responsible for. Each decision that is made around design, technology, content, and marketing should pass the test of positively impacting those metrics. Our greatest fear is creating something without real impact.

Sample of WordPress Web Development

The Cure JM Foundation came to Solid Digital, ready to update their website’s look and feel to raise awareness, support affected families, and improve fundraising for finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM).

In the world of cryptocurrency, change can happen overnight. DELV’s website was developed quickly as a placeholder, but they needed a partner to match their online presence and website with their customer-service focus and future-proofed hardware solutions.

Therapeutic Associates was looking for a web design agency to redesign and redevelop its website to achieve an engaging user experience that was both easy to navigate and educational.


Want your website to drive results?

Many companies redesign their website every few years to increase performance for key metrics. This effort often falls short, we don’t want to create websites that don’t make an impact.