Web Strategy

Web strategy is an important, foundational step for any successful website project. It ensures that your site’s design, content, and technology is structured to enable better business outcomes by addressing a number of integral factors.

Successful strategy leads to successful execution

73% of successful companies have a formal method for communicating their strategy

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Define Goals

At the beginning of each engagement, we want our clients to work with us to set three performance metrics that the project is aimed at improving. These metrics to provide the right type of honest guidance to our clients and create a shared goal to inform our conversations.

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Content Review & SEO Recommendations

We provide keyword research and a content guide for key messaging, calls to action, combined with a strong SEO structure and site architecture. Many agencies don’t spend enough time on content strategy and search engine optimization. 

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Site Architecture & Wireframes

It’s important to visualize the structure of a website in the form of a detailed sitemap and a series of wireframes.  Clearly articulating the structure of the web page templates and page hierarchy. A strong information architecture should align with your content strategy. 

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Visual Direction

Your brand, aesthetic, personality, and culture should be captured through a visual tool that we call a style board. Design preferences, style directions, and the overall vibe act as a guide to deliver web designs that are aligned with your company.

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Technical Analysis

During the strategy phase, we perform due diligence around any 3rd party software or technical needs for the project. If there are integrations for a  job board, marketing tools, e-commerce, etc we work upfront to define the requirements.

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Strategy Presentation

At the end of the strategy phase, we share our work. Solid Digital facilitates a presentation, illustrating what we have found in our research, design, and technical assessments. The goal is to show the alignment between teams and have a clear path forward.

Web Strategy
Web Strategy

Our Process

Process Step 1

Learn + Discover

We’ll educate ourselves about your industry, organization, and business goals. We also facilitation strategic conversations with project teams.

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Research + Analysis

Our team reviews your analytics, site structure, goals, and technology needs. The goal is to provide analysis that informs decisions.

Process Step 3

Architect + Visualize

The right amount of process, creativity & tools to create a content strategy document, wireframes, and style board. 

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Present + Refine

At the end of our strategy phase, we present our findings and make any necessary adjustments. With a plan in place, we can move into the design phase.


What is a web strategy?

Whether your goal is lead generation or an e-commerce space, we can help you get there. A web strategy will give you perspective on your website project and help identify opportunities that will help you achieve your overall goals. Solid Digital includes the following elements as part of a web strategy:

  • 3 Key Performance Metrics
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Sitemap
  • Key Page Wireframes
  • Style Board

Do all digital agencies provide a web strategy?

Unfortunately no, even when they say they do. There is a lot of competition between web design agencies,  corners are cut when trying to compete on budget alone. Typical ways small agencies provide low prices are to skip valuable steps in the process or skip the process altogether.  Others don’t keep any employees or the owner does a lot of the work. Much of the focus is put on the aesthetics and development of the website because that’s what they can easily outsource. 

Solid Digital doesn’t think clients get a long-lasting tool for their business if their partner is not doing to work of understanding the client’s business or goals to an extent that they can truly help.

How often should I redesign my website?

As a digital agency, we redesign websites. It might sound counter-intuitive, but we’d rather that you didn’t have to redesign your website every couple of years.

The website redesign merry-go-round is usually a result of a changing strategy, bad implementation, or misalignment in an organization or with your agency. Design styles don’t change quickly enough to redesign so frequently. 

At Solid Digital, we provide a way for you to manage your website for a long time and make targeted improvements over time.

Who all is involved when creating a web strategy?

One of our core values is “thoughtful collaboration.” We hold this value dearly and strive to provide an engaging collaborative experience to our clients. 

Over time, we’ve found that this is only half of the equation. Our clients need to be equally involved in our process. Each web project contains the budget for a strategic working session with our clients. We ask that they invite key stakeholders in a facilitated meeting in which they can provide valuable insights and prove that they are aligned. 

We’ve seen the most success from clients that get involved and take the time to ensure their agency can do their best work for them.

Why are wireframes important as part of a web strategy?

Wireframes give clients a clear understanding of the project without focusing on design elements. It clarifies the direction and objectives of the site build and allows for better decision-making as to which web technologies, techniques, and processes should be used in order to achieve an excellent result. Wireframes also provide web developers and web designers a clear path of what has to be done.

How do you identify what goes in the sitemap?

Using the data gathered during the discovery phase and strategy session, our team puts together our best recommendation for the sitemap based on your website’s needs. Multiple factors are considered when deciding on what gets added to a sitemap. Considerations like the intent of the website, the desired user journey, strategic goals, and expectations from your visitors. 


Do you know if your website redesign will perform?

Let’s talk about what important goals you are trying to accomplish.