Brainstorming & Prototyping

Explore all the potential your app can offer.


Build excitement and buy-in with your stakeholders.

Prototyping takes the waste of out of the app-building process and helps you generate excitement and support from your stakeholders early in the project. A prototype can show how the app will work, allows for testing and refining concepts and features, and dramatically cuts down on project timelines and costs.

What We Offer

Rapidly envision.

Before we start building the real thing, we help you flesh out your ideas with tools that can quickly create interactive mockups, in the browser. This elicits a more productive, creative collaboration between your team and our designers and developers—and allows you to envision how it will actually be used.

Mind the gaps.

We work with your team to quickly uncover what needs to be included in your application. From there, we create a wireframe—the blueprint for your app—which allows you to test and refine features and validate your concept.

Plan before design.

Our rapid prototyping and brainstorming process drives creativity, generates excitement for your project and brings the way forward into focus. With these insights, we forge a concrete plan for your app’s design and development.

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