Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Make your paid search campaigns pay off with rapid results. Gain more visibility. More quickly.

Paid search can earn you more visibility and more leads (more quickly) than organic search. It’s also a fast way to test keywords and phrases that can help you improve your site’s SEO and organic rankings, too. We’re experts in creating strategic, cost-effective PPC campaigns across all major channels that ramp up your search rankings, leads, and conversions.

Our Approach

Keyword Research & Competitive Bidding

We strategically select keywords with high search volumes and conversion potential to increase your ad visibility. We know the ins and outs of AdWords auctions and other methods for acquiring keywords, with the goal of getting the most out of your budget. And we monitor each keyword’s performance on a daily basis to ensure conversion goals are being met.

Copywriting & Landing Page Generation

The knowledge we gain from our keywords research and AdWords performance inform the design, content, and click appeal of your ad. We also generate landing pages on your website that make conversions easy, so you can generate more leads and sales more quickly.

Monitoring & Optimization

AdWords can burn through your budget like lightning. So we’re highly strategic in bidding on keywords of greater value. We constantly monitor how users are seeing your ads, and disqualify search queries that don’t make sense. We consistently prune our campaigns toward our ultimate measure of success: decreasing your cost per acquisition (CPA), increasing your ROI.