Digital Growth®

Digital Growth is our one-of-a-kind consulting service centered around our proprietary Digital Value index, which measures the performance of your marketing team’s digital marketing efforts.

Who is Digital Growth good for?

Digital Growth was created to meet the need for continued, sustained online growth. We help marketing teams establish objectives, develop valuable habits, and increase their Digital Value during this ongoing, results-driven engagement.​ Our best teams have the following:

  • A dedicated marketing team size of 3 – 20
  • On the cusp of becoming a marketing-led organization
  • The ability to create new content regularly
  • Interest in learning and executing new marketing strategies
  • Strong understanding of how to utilize their CRM platform

“My monthly one-on-ones, as part of the Digital Growth program, help me to stay on track; I’m someone that blinks in May and is shocked that it’s all of a sudden June. The best part about chatting with Marla, other than the conversation, is that it provides an additional touchpoint for action items that I know will make an impact across our site.”

— Megan Chamberlain, Content Marketing Manager

“Solid Digital is very transparent and knows what they’re doing. They’re a great partner; the team has really learned and understands our business and goals. As a result, they’re thoughtful in their recommendations and ideations. They’re a nice plug-in for our team, and we can rely on them.”

— Rose Southwell, VP of Sales, Marketing & IT, PEC

“I see Solid Digital as an extension of the Hireology team because they’ve helped us achieve so many of our digital marketing KPIs. They understand our business and our goals. They have consistently delivered with integrity, professionalism and creativity. I’m so impressed with their flexibility and customer centric approach. Working with the Solid Digital team has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you!”

— Michelle Bui, Director of Marketing, Hireology

About the Digital Growth Program

Our Digital Growth Program is a consultative and collaborative engagement for our teams to come together to develop a clear vision and strategy for your digital efforts. We focus on a business objective, four key KPIs, and a strategic plan designed to improve your Digital Value over time.  The Digital Growth program focuses on goal tracking, measuring, taking action, and building the right habits. 

Digital Growth Program Features:

Digital Growth Discovery

During our Digital Growth Discovery session, we dive deeper to get an
understanding of your team, goals, brand objectives, pain points, habits, areas for improvement, and reporting metrics. This allows us to identify where to focus our support and begin to identify the strategic plan setting you up to track your Digital Value™ and improve your Digital Growth.

We focus on the following metrics:

  • Number of pieces of content created
  • Organic website visitors
  • Number of keywords ranking in top 20
  • Number of conversions

Quarterly Strategy Sessions

As the program progresses to the next 3 months, we’ll hold 1-hour quarterly strategy meetings. The goal during these meetings is to review the previous quarter’s progress and outline actions to be taken during the next 3-month cycle to help influence Digital Growth.  

During these quarterly meetings, we’ll also have technology, design, and marketing experts provide your team with a quarterly assessment and recommendations that align with your overall strategy and goals.

Monthly Accountability Meetings

We’ll have 1-hour monthly check-in calls with you to review your Digital Growth report, update one another on the previous month’s action items in the Digital Growth Worksheet, and determine the following month’s action items.

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

In addition to our monthly status calls, we also hold individual monthly one-on-ones with up to 3 members of your marketing team. This gives your team members additional undivided time with our Digital Growth Strategists. During these one-on-ones, we focus on individual progress within the program, individual challenges and goals, industry tool training, and recommendations for growth.

Quarterly Workshops

In the 2nd month of each quarter we’ll spend time focused on a Special Topic with clients. These can vary per client and will be determined during the quarterly strategy meetings. These can include a variety of topics such as:

  • Content calendar ideation
  • A/B testing training
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Google Analytics training
  • SEO analysis
  • CRM automation

Additional Services

The following items are also included in your Digital Growth Program, and will be performed on an as needed basis:

Assess Your Team

Leverage the tools below to measure your brand’s digital value and your marketing team’s maturity.

Let’s meet your goals.

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