Research & Discovery

We build apps on more than just hunches.

Knowledge is Power

We do our homework.

We learn all we can about your market, your target audiences and your competition, and use that knowledge to build a solid design blueprint before the actual developing begins.

Setting the Stage

Audits & Benchmarking

We thoroughly evaluate the user experiences of your competition to uncover what works and what doesn’t. Our analysis compares features, navigation, content and visual appeal to identify strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for how we can design it better.

User Insights

Whether we’re building on an app you already have or developing from the ground up, we leverage resources like customer surveys and interviews, focus groups, data and our own observations to learn how users actually use an app, what features they love and what trips them up.

Informed Design

We take the knowledge we gain to draft visual representations—sketches, wireframes and mockups—that bring your app’s concepts and intent into focus.

Ready to Learn More?

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