A Solid Sales Process

Have you already spoken to one of our amazing team members?  Or just looking around?  Once you’re ready to take the next step, here’s a brief overview of what you should expect.

Step 1


Whether you know someone that referred us, or you found us through the search engines, it all starts with you reaching out to us. Our contact form is the best way to get the process started. Please share a brief overview of your project and when you might be free for an introductory call. An Engagement Manager will follow-up within a business day to schedule a call.

Step 2

Intro Call

Your Engagement Manager will coordinate a brief 20-30 minute video conference call that fits your schedule. This meeting is intended to make sure we’re the right fit and are able to deliver on your project requirements (from a high level). Our agenda will cover the following: overview of your organization, the project, your schedule, and budget.

Step 3

Assessment Meeting

The goal of our assessment meeting is to make sure we have all the details necessary to start putting together a proposal. We ask that you bring your project stakeholders to this meeting to make sure we can cover as many of our questions as possible. We will also invite our own subject matter experts, depending on the nature of the project. These calls usually take between 75-90 mins.

Step 4

Proposal Presentation

After we have collaborated on the final scope of the project, our team will begin to draft a proposal for you. Once we have approval from the department heads, your Engagement Manager will have a schedule time to present our proposal to you. We prefer to present our proposals so that any questions you may have can be quickly addressed, and if we missed anything revisions can be done before sending over the final document.

Step 5


Once your team has signed off on the project proposal, it's time to get going! The first step for us is to make sure the Delivery Team knows the details. Within the first week after signing, we will have a sales handoff scheduled with our internal team. After that meeting, your will be introduced to your dedicated project manager who will work with you to schedule the official project kick-off.

Step 6


The day is here! The first order of business is to introduce you to our team and for us to get to know the people who will be involved from your end. In the kick-off meeting we will cover the schedule, discuss some of the key milestones and what you should expect, and some of the ways we make sure our communication between our teams is amazing. Our team is ready to deliver an amazing product for you!


Would you like to see our sales process in action?

We are here to help you find the right KPIs that will help you measure grow and ROI and get you where you want to be.