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Ushering in a New Era: EO Chicago's 2018 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

“Love, love, love what you do and everything else will fall into place.”

That was one of many valuable pieces of advice EO Chicago members and seasoned entrepreneurs imparted upon aspiring business leaders at EO Chicago’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) last month—an event Solid Digital was honored to sponsor, alongside many other influential organizations.

“I heard that in order to be successful, just be a little better than average. In other words, average people quit. Just keep going.”

–Anthony Cassara, True Productions

Held at The Dalcy in Fulton Market, the GSEA event celebrated the future of entrepreneurship in which three student entrepreneurs from recognized universities got to present, in Shark Tank fashion, to an expert panel of judges to win a $10,000 award and move on to Nationals.

So Much Experience and Wisdom in One Room

There was quite the impactful list of judges and guest speakers, including, Max Temkin, co-founder of Cards Against Humanity, Betsy Ziegler, CEO of 1871, Rich Labriola founder of Stan’s Donuts, and keynote speaker the Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence who dropped this knowledge:

“To grow, to adapt and evolve, we need to become uncomfortable intentionally. Only then will we meet the best version of ourselves and honestly find out what we can accomplish.”

–James Lawrence, Iron Cowboy

With our CEO on the EO board, our team was involved in part of the event planning and management. It really was a great team bonding experience. We were decked out in our Solid Digital tees, mingling and manning the photo booth that we’d set-up. Our marketing team was also running the EO Chicago social media to capture the excitement of the event in real-time, and engaging with those that couldn’t make it out for the event.

For fun, we’d also contributed a signature drink called “S-E-Ohh God I Can’t Feel My Face,” which was a hit! From the perspective of an Engagement Manager, it was the perfect environment to make new contacts with forward-thinking individuals and expand my network.

Solid Digital signature cocktail

Overall, EO Chicago put on a great event with a live DJ, tons of yummy food, and networking throughout the night, all in celebration of the future of entrepreneurship.

Huge shout out to our friends at Kindred Content who filmed and captured it all in the video below.

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