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There's an app for that: Solid team members share their favorite must-have lifestyle apps

Apps have become a huge part of our daily lives, making our lives easier, more productive, and certainly more entertaining. Here are some of our staff picks for must-have apps.
Samsung Health

If you have read our newsletter you might know that we share “Staff Picks” on a monthly basis. Staff picks can be anything from a podcast, book, to a product, or song our team is really into. For this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the must-have lifestyle apps that are team uses in hopes to help you get to know our team more and maybe discover a cool app or two that you might want to incorporate into your daily routine. So let’s dive in and find out what apps our team is using in their day-to-day and why they enjoy using these apps.

The Must-Have Apps

Samsung Health

I believe fitness apps are very popular, I have tried several in the past, but ever since I started using Samsung Health I just stuck with it. I enjoy that it syncs up to my watch and I can track things like diet, physical activity, sleep, heart rate, stress level, and much more. My favorite features are the monthly global challenges where you can participate against all Samsung users to achieve a certain step count at the end of the month, along with one-on-one challenges where you can compete against a friend or family member to see who gets the most steps in a certain time period.


Resilio Sync

Our Digital Marketing Strategist, Andrew Merz said his go-to app is Resilio Sync, an app that mirrors files on his computer with his phone so he can move anything to his phone instantly. It can also be used as a way to back up your computer to another computer.

Google Maps

Google Maps

“Although not very exciting, my most used app is Google Maps”, said Chelsea Cumings, one of our Project Managers. Not only does she use it for directions, but also for the reviews. As a “review fiend”, Chelsea loves checking out a restaurant or any establishment’s photos, reviews, and any other details before committing to visiting the place.

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit

Find Apollo on the Apple app store

Brian Glassman, our Marketing Director likes to keep tabs on all of the things he loves, and all the things he needs to know and in some cases things he didn’t even know he needed to know In order to do this, he uses Apollo. “I spend more time than I’d like to admit on the Apollo Reddit client app (about an hour per day on average according to Screen Time)”

Some of Brian’s favorite subreddits are:

  • /r/artisanvideos
  • /r/aww
  • /r/freefolk
  • /r/colorizedhistory
  • /r/oddlysatisfying
  • /r/getmotivated
  • /r/lifeprotips
Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Our Engagement Manager Jessica Alkass shared with us the video chat app MarcoPolo. “I use this app almost everyday, it’s a great and fun way to for me and my friends to stay connected with our busy lifestyles. We have a group chat where we leave each other video-messages throughout the day and everyone stays caught up on each other’s lives without having to coordinate schedules to talk or meet-up all the time!”

Affinity Design

Learn more about Affinity Design

Dan Wright, a member of our technology team, shared with us that he has been a Photoshop user for many years, but when Adobe moved their plans to a monthly subscription he began looking for other alternatives, and that’s when he found Affinity Photo & Affinity Design. “ I’ve been enjoying Affinity Designer. The workflow is different from Adobe Illustrator, but it is a legit contender. Plus, it’s only $50 and it’s yours forever, no monthly payments.”


What Are Yours?

Our team has many interests and we hope that you will find some of the apps shared in today’s post useful. From fitness apps to apps that help us stay connected with friends and family through video, start exploring some of the apps. Connect with us through social media and let us know which apps you ended up trying out, and share with us some of your must-have apps.

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