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The Importance of Implementing a Wellness Program in Your Organization

Well-designed and executed workplace wellness programs can reduce health risk, improve productivity, and even lower health care costs. Wellness programs are becoming a standard component of benefit packages, as a way to help employees be more physically active and promote better health practices.

Investing in Our Employees’ Health & Wellbeing

According to the RAND Corporation about 51% of U.S. employers offer wellness programs to their employees and we are happy to say that Solid Digital is part of that group. We believe that by providing our employees with opportunities to workout and be healthy we are investing in their health and their wellbeing.

Solid has provided certain health benefits to our employees in the past, but it was not until earlier this year that we decided to implement a Wellness Program to make sure we promote a healthy environment and encourage our team to take advantage of the benefits we provide.

Our Wellness Program continues to develop as we continue to grow as a company and we find new opportunities to promote Health and Wellness at Solid. Our Wellness Program offers a variety of things, but here are 3 examples of what Solid has incorporated in our program:

Life Management Workshops

Setting up informational workshops is important way to provide employees with up to date information and knowledge that they can use to improve their life. The picture above is from the Posture and Ergonomics Workshop provided by Dr. Jennifer McHattie. The team received a 30 minute presentation, followed by individual posture screenings. Dr. McHattie was able to provide tips and individual recommendations for each member of our team to improve postures.

“To work for a company that takes the time to provide dedicated sessions to improve the health of the employees is amazing. Even beyond the wellness workshops, upper management really cares about our health, and that comes through. As a type 1 diabetic, it’s comforting to know that my company puts health and wellness as a priority.”

– Caleb Werner, Solid Interactive Project Manager

Office Fitness Center

We know it’s important for people to be active, especially if you work a desk job. Solid employees have full access to the office fitness center, allowing them to workout whenever it’s best suited for their schedule.

“The monthly challenges have taken things that I would normally never or rarely do and made them fun.”

– Cole Hafner, Solid Interactive Web Developer

Monthly Health Challenges

To incorporate fun as a part of our Wellness Program, our Director of Experiences puts together monthly health challenges and invites the whole company to participate.

These events are meant to encourage team members to be active and have fun while doing so. Some of the challenges Solid has hosted are: participating in the Portland Bike More Challenge, Push-Up Challenge, The Stay Hydrated Challenge, etc. As a way to incentify the challenges we usually give a small prize to the winner.

These are just a few of the activities we have incorporated in our Wellness Program. We encourage you to get creative, test out some activities, get feedback, and start  implementing your own Wellness Program with your team. You will find that it’s a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and it’s a great opportunity for team building.

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