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The Dangers of Distraction (Part 1)

In which Oscar the PM regrets "Taco Night" and has a heart-to-heart with Craig the Developer. Also, Westworld is mentioned.

As a project manager, how can you most effectively utilize the time and preferred workflow of your team? Craig and Oscar participate in a modern day parable of the dangers that distractions have in a project, and how knowing your team can lead to coming in under budget.

“My Day as a Ficus” or “Reaching out for Understanding”

In which Oscar the PM reaches out to anime action figure connoisseur and lead developer, Craig, in an attempt to clear up any potential “weird vibes” that may exist between Oscar and his team.


Dear Craig the Developer,

Some might say that this sort of conversation deserves to be held in person, but I am reasonably intimidated by the amount of action figures on your desk and fearful that you will bring any of them up in conversation.

As you know I’ve been a project manager here at Hypothetical Ink for a few months now and have had the pleasure of managing a couple of the projects you have been on. While your performance has been far more than adequate, and we have come in early and under budget more often than not, I feel a sense of unease from you and your compatriots.

At first I had thought it due to Monday’s “Taco Night” (I realize now, I should never have ordered the mystery meat). As the week went on, however, I felt the discomfort between myself and the developers grow. I decided to take the matter into my own hands on Thursday, lingering by the water cooler dressed as a ficus. Adequately concealed from recognition, I was able to overhear some of your conversations with the other developers. Unfortunately, all these conversations pertained to either computer hardware or something called “Westworld”.

So as I am unable to unravel this mystery through my subtle office subterfuge, I would like to simply ask you.

“Am I doing something wrong?”


Oscar the PM

To be continued in Part 2


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