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Solid Digital Moves Into New Downtown Chicago Location

When they say that the new year will bring new opportunities, they weren't kidding. 2019 has brought our Chicago team a new permanent home, which will open our doors for more collaboration, creativity, and space for innovation.

We are excited to announce that our Chicago team has moved to a new location in downtown Chicago. We spent the previous year in the Willis Tower less than a mile away from our new location, and although our old office served us well, and we made great memories (and websites) there, we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

Our Temporary Home

As you may know, our company was originally located in Highland Park, and moving to downtown Chicago opened many opportunities for the company and for our team. The Willis Tower gave our team a great transitional space where it allowed us to spend more time in the city collaborating with clients. It allowed us to truly emerge in transforming our space into our temporary home. After being here for some time, the results were very positive, our team has developed a tight bond, and our company culture is more defined.

Our New Home

Our team is growing and we want to personalize our office to feel more in sync with who we are and our needs. As a result, it was time for us to find a permanent space to call our home. Our new office will allow for more customization of the layout, opening new possibilities to have more collaborative spaces for our team, and for client visits. We are also looking to incorporate some cool design features to showcase our talents and creativity.

“We’re all really excited to move into a space we can call home. The Willis tower has been an amazing experience and we have made some great memories. But it was hard for us to get real cozy knowing we were on a shorter time span here. Our new space just feels right! We already have so many fun & creative plans to make it OURS. We can’t wait!”

– Derek Lauritzen, Creative Director As we get ready to start a new chapter, our team is thrilled about the new opportunity this move brings us, and we’d like to thank all our partners, clients, and friends for all their support through the years and with the move. Our new address is 100 N. LaSalle St Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60602.

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