12 Types of Questions To Ask About Your Marketing Website

The more you think about your marketing website the more questions you’ll come up with. Questions may lead to even more questions, and that’s okay. As you ask questions, note who is able to answer them and how willing they are to do so.

This guide will discuss the general approach of how to come up with useful questions to ask about your website. There are so many possible questions to ask about a marketing website, that it’s useful to organize your inquiries into categories. You’ll find 12 categories of questions below.

The better the questions you ask, the better the outcome. These twelve categories cover the most important topics:


The Plan

Meaningful content







AWS Managed Hosting


Beautiful & functional design

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To find the best solution for your website, make sure you take the time to ask the right questions about it.
- Peter Ajtai, Solutions Architect & Director of Technology