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High5 Slack App: Taking Team Recognition to New Heights

Solid Digital has created a new Slack Application that allows your team to give instant recognition to fellow team members (with a little help from Giphy)!
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It’s no secret that employee recognition plays a key part in an employees wellbeing. It can also have a significant impact on productivity, employee satisfaction, and company culture. Here at Solid Digital, we’ve tried to foster a culture of acknowledgment and recognition that we believe thrives because of the people that we have on our team. A team that works hard, and comes together to celebrate each other.

In our previous post: 15Five and The Importance of Recognition, we shared some of the activities and tools that our team uses to give recognition throughout the company Today, we are here to share a new tool that we are very excited about. High5, a new Slack app that was put together by our CEO Jesse McCabe. 

The High5 app is a great way to recognize your team at any time, and it can be used on any Slack channel or in a direct message.

The Inspiration

We’ve always loved the idea of the “high fives”, but as our culture continues to evolve so did our needs for a more instant tool for giving out recognition. Our CEO, Jesse McCabe was inspired to create something that not only our team could use, but we could share it with other companies for them to introduce to their teams and make it a part of their culture.


Instant Recognition 

As a company we want our team to celebrate all their wins no matter how small or how big they are, and we wanted to make sure people didn’t wait until a company meeting or stand up to recognize someone. Some may say that having two offices on opposite sides of the country could be difficult to have a cohesive culture, but we have found that by being avid users of Slack and integrating our High5 app has given us the opportunity to never miss out on knowing when someone in our team went above and beyond for a client, helped out with a design, presented an awesome lunch-and-learn, or brought in homemade cupcakes for the team. No matter what it is, we will share it., and in some cases, we even give out SolidPRO points. (which are another part of our culture and we’ll go into more detail on another post)

The /high5 command is part of our daily lives here at Solid Digital, and it has transition to some of our client channels, and even some of their companies’ Slack channels. We hope that more teams have the opportunity to try it out and make it part of their culture.

"I love using Slack to share culture news, events, plan out our monthly playlist, and more. We had a #hifive channel to recognize team members who have gone above and beyond, but when our CEO, Jesse McCabe added the /highfive command it took our channel to a different level. Our whole team uses it, and it has become a key part of recognizing team members across both of our offices."
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez
Director of Experiences

Ready to start celebrating your teammates?

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