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Mingling & Digital Marketing Mastery: Happy 20th Anniversary, MightyBytes!

It's always a special occasion when we're given the opportunity to meet and get together with some of our Chicago agency peers—and a recent trip to the Ravenswood neighborhood and MightyBytes HQ is certainly no exception.

A few weeks ago, the Solid Digital Marketing team took a field trip to attend MightBytes’ “Digital Marketing Masterclass & 20th Birthday Do & Brew” at their Ravenswood office, a quick Uber ride away from our own in the Willis Tower.

Go Forth and Prosper

As a fast-growing web design and digital marketing agency relatively new to the scene in downtown Chicago, we’re eager to get out there, rub shoulders, and shake hands. When this workshop/networking celebration appeared on our radar, we jumped at the chance.

It was also a great opportunity for our budding marketing team to get out of the office, switch up the environment, and learn a few new things together, something I see as a critical component of team-building (post-event shots help, too).

Getting to Know MightyBytes

To our surprise, we learned that MightyBytes is a certified B-Corp—meaning their organization adheres to and maintains a high social and environmental standard, working toward becoming “a better digital agency for people and planet.”

Attendees also received a visit from their local composting representative, who proudly pointed out which hors d-oeuvres plates could be composted, and which needed to be recycled. Pretty neat!

Digital Marketing Masterclass

The training session itself was valuable and informative—chock full of best practices on marketing, SEO, design, conversion optimization, accessibility, and more.

Particularly interesting was an introduction of their approach to a strategic planning methodology called The 5 Why’s, which aims to drive effective decision making for complex marketing and design challenges through iterative question-asking and reasoning.

The class concluded with a handy self-evaluation worksheet, giving attendees—local agencies and small business owners alike—an opportunity to rate their own digital marketing efficacy.


The big theme of our daytime trek was the importance of fostering community. Not only in how businesses contribute meaningfully to immediate surroundings and neighbors, or how peer agencies come together from time to time to share drinks, challenges, and important learnings—but how community is supported within our own organizations.

Are our individual personalities, goals, and aspirations aligned with company objectives? Is there a thriving, inclusive culture that encourages the personal and professional growth of every team member?

Community is the bedrock that allows for great things to manifest—within our cities and our organizations—and we’re glad to have been reminded of this important lesson by our new friends at MightyBytes.

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