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Me me me! Your customers deserve more attention on your website...

Embrace a digital realm where websites transform into personalized narratives, placing customers at the forefront. Craft engaging online experiences that celebrate their journey, turning them into the central focus of your digital platform.

Step right up to the digital stage where the spotlight is glaring, the crowd is hushed, and it’s your website that’s about to perform. But wait—before the curtains rise, we’ve got to address a critical element of the show. It’s not your amazing design, and it’s not the amazing photos of your team, nor is it the timeline of the history of your organization. It’s your customers. They’re not just in the audience; they’re the stars of this production!

Building a website that not only resonates with your customers but also lets them know you understand them is imperative to creating a web presence that truly works in your favor. Just like all the scenes of your movie need to build upon the plot and play a role in your story, all your pages, content, and modules should provide value (and be interesting) to your audience.

Think of your website as act one; it should intrigue, engage, and make your customers feel like they’re the hero. They see themselves in the story you’re telling, and your website’s message is the narrative arc that leads them on a journey.

We start by diving deep into understanding who they are. We ask the probing questions. Which problems are they grappling with that keep them tossing and turning at night?  What is considered a “win” for them?  Ultimately, what do they care about the most? With these answers, we begin to shape a user experience that isn’t just user-friendly — it’s user-celebratory.

Imagine a website where each element is a testament to your customers’ needs and desires. Where the calls-to-action aren’t just buttons but invitations to an experience they (hopefully) can’t ignore. Keeping your content concise and engaging — capturing their interests without overwhelming them.

Now, let’s not make it too obvious —with a touch of humor or wit where it fits. Not overwhelming or gimmicky, but enough to let your visitors know you’re human too.

When I’m considering the layout of a page, I like to think about it like it’s a highway that my users are driving down.  At each stage as they scroll through the page, they have the option of taking an off-ramp.  Our goal is to help them find the right exit.  We start with what we think our the best choices and work our way down the page until we get through all our ideas.  And if we can’t get them to take any of our “exits” then we give them a last chance effort to “learn more” through a brilliant call-to-action.

But we’re not done.  We just got started.  Now it’s time to refine!

And when it comes to refining, testing is our tried and true companion. It’s not about casting a wide net and hoping for the best. It’s about fine-tuning the experience until we see our audience take action.

In the end, what makes for a website with a strong Digital Value? It’s when your customers recognize themselves at the center of it all. They don’t just see a product or a company: they see a reflection of their own story, magnificently told.

So here’s to placing your customers center stage on your website, to crafting an experience that speaks to them directly, and to creating a digital space where the chorus proudly sings: “Me, me, me!” Because in the end, a website that celebrates its customers is the one that truly stands out.

Bonus: Read “Story Brand” ( by Donald Miller.  A great way to think about the relationship between you and your audience.

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