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Gusto: The Payroll Partner Solid Digital Was Looking For

Working with a partner like Gusto that understands our company’s needs when it comes to payroll and benefits services has made it easier for our team.
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Many years ago when I started working at Solid Digital, we had a different payroll system and worked with a couple of different insurance brokers. Things worked fine, but we always had to go through several people to access different information for benefits or questions about policy or compliance. As our company’s needs grew, we knew it was time to upgrade our payroll system, and we wanted to ensure that it had features that would provide visibility to those working on payroll, and HR, but also give the team visibility when it came to the things that matter to them. Things like pay, time off & sick leave management, tax information, pay stubs, benefits and much more. We wanted to make sure we did not have to rely on someone else to access the information our team needed. After looking at several options, Solid Digital decided that Gusto was the way to go. 

About Gusto 

Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. Gusto offers products and services to help onboard, pay, insure, and engage teams in one integrated, easy-to-use platform. We have been working with Gusto for over a year now, and I can personally say that working first hand with Gusto has made things a lot easier and efficient. I find that Gusto is truly our partner when it comes to payroll, benefit management, compliance and much more.

Gusto provides a full-service experience with their extremely user friendly software and helpful staff who help humanize the brand. You can always call if you have questions or need help with something, and they are there to help you. Whenever I reach out I know that the level of customer services I’m going to receive is going to be great, I have never had an issue that was not resolved. They have assisted us with many things from compliance, to simple payroll practices.

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An Experience Made for The User

Whether you are an admin or have an employee account, everything about the platform is easy to navigate. The approach to their dashboard is simple, yet it works well. You are never overwhelmed by the amount of information presented on your dashboard because it is everything you need. As someone who has both the admin account and an employee account, I can see how intuitive the design is. You can figure out where things are easily, there are no hidden buttons, or complicated steps that you need to take to access something you need.  There are also small things that truly make Gusto unique, from the anniversary reminders, or birthday cards that can be sent out to employees, monthly employee engagement surveys, and a feature to upload and create your own templates Gusto makes the interaction with their software exciting.
Gusto’s user experience is far superior than any other HR tool I’ve ever used. They communicate to you on a human level. They also have really thoughtful UI/visual designs that take in to account the hierarchy of information and present things in a digestible manner.”
– Derek Lauritzen, Creative Director

Support When It Really Matters

We have always felt that Gusto provides the best support that a small business can ask for, but recently with all of the changes due to the global pandemic, it was a relief to see that our payroll partners were stepping up their game once more to provide business with updated information, guidelines, and assistance so they can navigate the ever changing pool of information that we are getting right now.

Gusto put together a COVID-19 Resources and Updates Section on the dashboard where businesses can see the most up to date information on things to look out for. When we were getting ready to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program, Gusto had already created a feature for us to simply download the report with everything we needed to submit. No hassles, no extra costs, simply a feature they knew small business would need to in order to get things moving along. 

Gusto Screen Covid19

“Gusto has drastically improved our ability to service our employees. We greatly appreciate the experience and support we get from the Gusto team. Recently, while applying for the Payroll Protection Program, they went above and beyond by supplying a bank-ready report for our payroll costs and calculations.”

– Jesse McCabe,  Partner + CEO

Gusto not only has been delivering value to our business since day one, but they have shown that in times of uncertainty they are a partner that we can count on.

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