Marketing Directors Guide to Increasing Digital Value

What can you and your marketing team do to increase the value of your digital efforts? There are certainly short and long-term goals to consider, but if you are looking for actions that can get your marketing team, and your brand’s Digital Value moving in a positive direction now – we have some ideas that we’ve seen work across industries and teams to impact Digital Growth. Chose one, two or all ten items as a focus – we’ll walk you through why each is important and how to begin. 

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How will this guide help?

This guide contains the top 10 ways to improve your organization’s Digital Value, including:

  • Choosing and utilizing priority keywords

  • Increasing content output and value using the resources you already have

  • What to focus on for improved visibility

  • The top four KPIs to measure Digital Growth

  • And Much more!

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Building a successful digital marketing strategy is still new to many of the marketing teams I talk to and that’s not a bad thing – in fact it’s exciting, as the opportunities and upside are yet to be discovered. The main things we try to address to move towards setting and executing the right strategy are setting the right KPIs and then taking actions that will affect them, build habits along the way, and measure and report to uphold accountability and keep moving in a positive direction.

-Marla Aistrope, Digital Marketing Strategist