Digital Value in 2023: The Four Metrics That Matter

Through years of consulting and collaborating with high-performing marketing teams of Digital Growth companies, we’ve fine-tuned the metrics that matter most for increasing a brand’s overall Digital Value.

Measuring the right metrics, and taking action based on the data, allows marketers to prioritize when and where to use their resources to make the most impact online. This combination of lagging and leading indicators provides a full picture of how your digital marketing is performing and guides teams on a path toward Digital Growth.

How will this guide help?

This guide centers around the four metrics we use to determine a brand’s digital value. In it, you’ll learn:

  • The qualifying questions to ask to determine if yours is a Digital Growth organization
  • The four metrics that make up Digital Value
  • How to properly define each metric 
    What your targets should be and how to set your goals
  • How we expect the digital landscape to change in 2023 (and what you can do to keep up)

Ready to get your copy?

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So many brands focused their resources on building a better online presence during the time when live events were on hold. This digital shift likely would have happened eventually, but I think the pandemic pushed it forward. In any case, what we’re seeing more of now is brands with newly designed websites who didn’t really have a plan for what to do post-launch to maintain and continue to improve their Digital Value. That’s where our metrics and measurements come in. They are intended to provide marketing teams of Digital Growth companies a way forward as we move on and into 2023.

-Marla Aistrope, Digital Marketing Strategist