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Recorded June 3rd, 2021

Setting, Measuring & Achieving Goals with Digital Growth®

Prepping for a Website Redesign - Part 6

While your website is the central piece of your organization’s digital value, without building a strategy and campaigns around it – to continually drive traffic and engage visitors – the website isn’t the crucial marketing tool it’s intended to be.
- Marla Aistrope, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Calling all Marketing Directors!

Join Solid Digital’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Marla Aistrope for the sixth and final webinar of our series, Prepping for a Website Redesign: Setting, Measuring & Achieving Goals with Digital Growth® Thursday, June 3rd at 3:00 CT.

Increasing Digital Value After Your Website Launch

This Webinar for Marketing Directors and team members is all about…

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Purpose and intent

Launching a new website is a major undertaking, but the power of the finished product should not be underestimated. Going back to the pain points and challenges your website redesign was intended to address is a good starting point. Whether your goals were to target a new primary audience or increase conversion rates for contact forms, you'll need a plan in place to begin to work on campaigns that utilize your website to get there.

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Goals and habits

Setting KPIs to measure success is something we do with our clients prior to a website redesign. However, KPIs are the most important metrics to indicate the success of your website and digital marketing efforts over time - not just static before and after launch numbers for comparison. Setting, tracking and measuring the right metrics to reach your goals is challenging. We've found there are specific steps and habits that help marketing teams in this endeavor.

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Continuous growth

When we talk about continuous growth, we mean FOREVER. Organizations don't stop growing and neither should your digital value! As company objectives, goals, and marketing teams change, your digital marketing strategy should be both nimble and sophisticated enough to proactively adjust to benefit the overall success of your organization. We keep momentum going strong through our Digital Growth® program and have learned a thing or two about what works well (and not so well) for marketing teams we've partnered with over the years.

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