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Recorded May 12th, 2021

Prepping for a Website Redesign: Part 5 - Launch Day Keys to Success: Don't Worry Be Happy

We equip Marketing Directors and their teams with the knowledge they need to ensure their launch day prep and plan goes smoothly. Ultimately, our goal is for our client’s teams to be so prepared for launch, that they can have fun and celebrate this huge milestone without worrying that something is going to go wrong.

Diana K Martinez, DIrector of Experiences

Webinar Details

Calling all Marketing Directors and their teams! Join Solid Digital Director of Experiences, Diana Martinez, Digital Project Manager, Hayley Johnson, and our COO, Travis McHattie for the fifth webinar of our series, Prepping for a Website Redesign: Launch Day Keys to Success – Don’t Worry Be Happy on Wednesday, May 12th at 3:00 CT. 

What You Need to Know About Launch Day Preparation

This Webinar for Marketing Directors and team members is all about…..

Preparation And Communication

Leading up to launch day, we ensure that our clients are equipped with everything they need for success. In this Webinar you'll learn the (1) key elements that need to be part of your launch plan (2) how to stay organized with the tasks that need to be completed, and (3) the importance of communication with your agency partner.


There are many moving parts when launching a website, especially when it comes to the backend. We are here to share our knowledge of the things that could otherwise be overlooked, so that nothing takes you by surprise.

Celebration AND BEYOND

Don't miss out on celebrating this big milestone with your team! Take this opportunity to showcase your work, and turn it into the first step of your growth trajectory.

Why Focus on Process

With the knowledge that we have gained over many years of redesigning hundreds of website, we guide our clients through launch and make it a memorable experience.

Working with an agency that guides you (the client) though what launch day will look like, including planning, timelines, and expectations, results in a better experience and, thus, a better outcome.