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Recorded April 6th 2021

Production & Expectations for Successful Outcomes

Prepping for a Website Redesign - Part 2

I’m a big believer in process, but it’s never static – our team is constantly reiterating based on what we’ve learned. I’m of the mindset that the more experience I gain, the more mistakes I have to learn from! This is what allows me, Solid Digital, and our clients to work toward being better than we were yesterday. It’s also why our process is fun, successful and continually yields positive outcomes for our clients.

- Amber Stansfield, Director of Production
Amber Stansfield

Webinar Details

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Calling all Marketing Directors and their teams!

Join Solid Digital Director of Production, Amber Stansfield in the fourth webinar of our series, Prepping for a Website Redesign: Production & Expectations for Successful Outcomes on Tuesday, April 6th at 3:00 CT. 

What You Need to Know About the Production Process

This Webinar for Marketing Directors and team members is all about…

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Before we begin any website redesign, we go through a process of learning and discovery along with our clients. It's crucial to (1) assess the current state of your website, (2) review related documents such as brand guidelines and user personas, and (3) evaluate and plan for time and resources.​

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Effective communication

Communication is key for any relationship and the one between your organization and agency is no exception! Here’s where your project manager will be your new best friend by keeping everyone involved in the loop, as well as keeping an eye on timelines, budgets and next steps.​

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Thoughtful collaboration

From transferring knowledge to involving stakeholders from the beginning of a project to avoid costly bottlenecks later - collaborating is intentionally baked-in throughout our process.

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Staying the course

Identifying the most common potential hurdles and having a plan in place to address them helps ensure your website project doesn't get derailed by surprises.

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Why Focus on Process

The methods and philosophies that feed into our production process have been refined over many years and hundreds of website redesign projects. From setting (and hitting) milestones to preventing project creep – there are countless elements to consider and this is where an experienced production team is indispensable.

Working with an agency that guides you (the client) through what the production process will look like, including timeline, deliverables and expectations leads to a better experience and thus, a better outcome. Working with an agency that encourages collaboration and creativity that leads to a mutual understanding and excitement, will create a shared sense of accomplishment and ultimately an enjoyable process for everyone involved.