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Recorded February 23rd 2020

Why Good Marketing Teams Care About Technology

Prepping for a Website Redesign - Part 3

I began to use web technologies when I realized how many people I could reach with a simple website.

Working with clients on their websites allows me to leverage technology to help marketing teams realize their vision of building powerful and effective online presences.

-Peter Ajtai, Solutions Architect & Director of Technology
Peter Ajtai

Webinar Details

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Calling all Marketing Directors!

Join Solid Digital Director of Technology, Peter Ajtai, in the third webinar of our series, Prepping for a Website Redesign, on Tuesday, February 23rd at 2:00 CT. Peter has been involved in hundreds of website redesigns and development projects and broken down the esoteric dev process to countless marketing teams.

In this webinar we will be discussing technology options when considering a website redesign.  We will cover some of the most popular platforms, how to choose the right one, and why we prefer certain platforms over others.

Why the Technology that Powers Your Website Matters?

This Webinar for Marketing Directors is all about…

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Making the right choice

What are the differences between WordPress and Magento? Making an informed decision at the beginning of a website redesign project will save headaches down the road.

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The steps and tools of a successful deployment process prepares your website for the intended user experience.​

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Vendor lock, security breaches and things that go bump in the night

Recognizing common pitfalls and issues and knowing how to avoid them involves planning, execution and strategy.​

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Keeping up with changing technology

Making website updates, adding features and software integration should be not just possible, but stress-free with a flexible CMS. Planning ahead for growth means never having to say I'm sorry I chose that CMS.​

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Putting technology into terms every marketer can understand

The good news for marketing teams is that managing a website is easier than ever – no coding required. Streamlined and user-friendlier-than-ever content management systems (CMS) allow for fast, intuitive and high-impact updates to be completed without a developer on speed dial. To get to the point where this is possible though, requires choosing the right CMS for the needs of your organization and your website users. Sorting through options and selecting the right one does require someone with dev experience – and that’s where an agency like Solid Digital can help.