Recorded January 27th 2020

Designing the Right Website for Your Brand

Prepping for a Website Redesign - Part 2

By designing with intention, websites are built on a strong foundation for future growth.

With both brand identity and target audiences in mind, design serves the dual-purpose of creative brand expression and meaningful user engagement. 

- Derek Lauritzen, VP + Creative Director

Webinar Details

Calling all Marketing Directors!

Solid Digital Creative Director & VP, Derek Lauritzen, presented the second webinar of our series, Prepping for a Website Redesign, on Wednesday, January 27th. Derek has been involved in hundreds of website redesigns and seen it all.

In this webinar he discusses the design phase of the process.  He dives into our approach to the design phase of a website project, and how we create online experiences built to align a brand to their audience.

How to Begin Designing the Right Website for Your Brand? 

This Webinar for Marketing Directors is all about…..

Audience / Customer

Your website should be built and designed with your target audience(s) and user personas in mind. What are their needs? What are their pain points? UX design guides user along a distinct user journey to help organizations reach their goals.

Brand / Identity

Does your company have brand guidelines? How does that information translate to an updated website? What does your brand itself convey? Tools like a personality slider can help clarify design direction.

Creativity / Exploration

Our learn and discovery phases of website redesign projects are vital to to our creative process. Strong collaboration between agency ensures the best process and outcomes.

Testing / Evolution / Maintaining

Websites are meant to be dynamic. Once redesigned, yours should never go stagnant again with proper testing, tweaking and maintenance.

The UX Design Process Benefits both Users and Brands

Designing around user experience not only keeps your website audience interested and engaged, it benefits your brand. Putting your potential customers and primary audiences first allows the design to grow around the most important people – the ones you depend on for your business to flourish. By starting with the people you want to attract, the emotions you want to evoke and the goals you want to achieve, your next website redesign will align your brand and audience seamlessly.