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Digital Growth®, an Introduction

In an effort to measure the effectiveness of our projects or programs, we’ve created a worksheet that incorporates methods we have used for years to bring focus to the planning, strategy, and basic structure of executing a digital initiative.
digital grown planning
Solid Digital has a diverse background of services and offerings which has created almost a split personality for us. For some of our clients we are perceived as a digital marketing agency focused on creating effective digital campaigns for search, social, and websites. For others, we are a product development company which consults, designs, and creates applications for multiple platforms. Since we have created expertise as both of these “personas”, it is not our intention to let go of one or the other. However, in 2018, we decided we needed to define a common ground which spoke to the way we measure and create successful programs and projects in a consistent manner. Out of our discussions, we formed the concept of “Digital Value” which is essentially the combination of 1 or more metrics we use to measure the effectiveness of a project or a program. It is usually defined in the early stages of an engagement, and could be small and focused or it could be high-level and broad … it is dependent on the nature of the initiative. With a defined Digital Value, we now had a very effective way of evaluating our own success when it came to any work we were doing. And over time, we could start to see how it improved or declined, which led us to the definition of Digital Growth®. And, since we are engineers, we even created an equation that explains how Digital Growth® can be calculated. Now, at this point, we were very pleased with ourselves and gave a hearty round of high-fives to each other.

So, with our new found method of improving the output of our engagements, we started to put it into action and quickly realized, in all its glory, it still wasn’t enough. We lacked a guide to help us create the necessary documentation and strategy definition needed to accompany the tool.

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