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There's an app for that: How our tech team manages their day to day workflow

Although there is no right or wrong way to manage your day-to-day workflow, we wanted to share some useful tools that our tech team uses that makes the process a lot easier.
Solid Digital tech team

Establishing a process for how to get things done, can make completing work much easier, reduce stress, and help you plan ahead for you and your team. However, we are all very different and can approach getting things done in various ways. There is no right or wrong approach to manage your day-to-day workflow as long as it makes sense to you, and you are able to deliver on your responsibilities.

Digging Deep

Although our team of developers work great together as a team and collaborate often, I wanted to find out more about the way they manage their day-to-day workflow, and some of the tools they use in order for us to share that with our readers.

Here are the top 4 apps that our Technology Team uses to manage their day-to-day workflow:


Jira is ingrained in our process and it’s a tool that we use company-wide, and for our Web Developer Mike Le-Revier, Jira is his number one tool. As someone who has to jump from project to project being part of our Client POD, Jira facilitates all aspects of Mike’s day-to-day workflow. From ticket management to keeping the historical information about a particular ticket Jira does it all. It allows our team to ensure anyone can look up a ticket number and understand where that ticket is at in the process due to the comments, status updates, tracking, and accessibility by our team. Not to mention that Mike also enjoys the benefit of Jira’s time tracking integration and its’ flexibility to integrate with other third-party apps.

Gas Mask

Gas Mask was shared by our Senior Software Developer Cooper Hilscher. Gas Mask an open source host file manager for macOS that allows for editing of host files and switching between them. As someone whose schedule changes and some days he is away from the office, using Gas Mask allows Cooper to conveniently bounce between VPN’s, local projects, and keep track of any changes with version control. Great for those who work at multiple locations.


Let’s talk about DokuWiki, shared with us by Dan Wright one of our Web Developers. “DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that does not require a database.” Here at Solid Digital, the Tech Team has an internal wiki that they maintain to ensure that the team can reference historical data for projects, look for answers regarding our process, or document something that they may need to reference in the future. It’s extremely useful for those wanting to have documentation on their work, or when working with a team.


Our Solutions Architect Peter Ajtai share BoostNote with us, an intuitive open source markdown editor for developers. Peter spends a lot of time in both client and internal meetings, and it’s important for him to be able to look back and reference the notes he took during client meetings or project conversations with the team. He likes BoostNote because your notes are automatically saved as you write, for code snippets the app is able to highlight code syntax in more than 100 languages, including Javascript, HTML, Python, and CSS. Another nice featured about BoostNote is that you can access it offline, and can be synced up in multiple devices.

We hope you enjoy this series and discovered some application and software that might help you manage your day-to-day workflow and increase your productivity at work.

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