Getting it Write: Content for a Website Redesign

This guide was created to help marketing teams ensure that their website content is on track, on schedule, and online. 

Many marketing teams think of a website redesign in terms of a modern new aesthetic or improved functionality for users and admins, but in addition to design and development, content is the third element of any website that must be considered throughout all phases of the project through launch (and beyond).

Incorporating a content strategy from the beginning can be daunting no doubt. This guide walks you through some tips and tricks to make it easier and ensure that your messaging shines.

Getting It Write Cover

How will this guide help?

This guide will address areas where we see content causing the most common roadblocks and challenges during website redesigns – and how to overcome them –  including:

  • Auditing current content

  • New content every website needs that can be written today

  • Mapping content and your sitemap

  • How to match content to wireframes

  • Creating content with a growth strategy in mind

Ready to get your copy?

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From being optimized for search engines, to connecting with the right audience, to calls-to-action that convert, we have high expectations for website content these days! By bringing content strategy and creation into the beginning of a website redesign project, rather than leaving it as something to be inserted into new page designs just before launch, we find the entire process – and the end product and site performance – are much improved.

-Marla Aistrope, Digital Marketing Strategist