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The Importance of Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email Marketing can help a business build credibility. Strengthening the relationship between a business and its costumers can help establish trust.

Per a study by the Direct Marketing Association over half of the marketers surveyed cite email marketing as the channel that delivers the best return on investment. Despite these findings, not everyone understands the importance of how effective email marketing can be when it comes to generating leads for a business.


Email Marketing can help a business build credibility. Strengthening the relationship between a business and its’ costumers can help establish trust. Giving a business a greater chance to be recommended by its customers to others. To encourage this bond a good technique to use is to segment your email list into smaller groups where you can create personalized content that is important to those individuals. An email that is specifically targeted to the recipient is more likely to be shared with family and friends than a generic form email.

Leveraging Engaging Content

Creating awareness by strategically using email marketing to inform potential customers of new promotions, products, services, and company news can be a successful way to generate leads. Sending informative emails on a regular basis containing relevant, useful information can encourage inactive potential leads to reach out to your business. An effective informative email generates awareness of the business and its brand with interesting, useful, and personalized content.

It is extremely important to use a reputable email service provider (such as Mailchimp, SendinBlue, ActiveCampaign, etc.) when engaging in email marketing to generate leads and to automate emails. Automating your email efforts can be a great tool to help you personalize content based on actions taken by potential customers.

Creating and Maintaining Customer Relationships

Building relationships with both existing and potential customers can be very advantageous for a business as it has a greater opportunity to increase sales. Using email marketing as a tool to generate more leads can allow you to interact with customers on a more personal level, driving your business and your brand to grow.

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