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Tillable: Website Marketing Strategy, Design & Development​

An innovator in the farmland rental space, Tillable needed a website that reflected their fresh new identity while appealing to audiences past, present, and future.
Tillable web design
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Laying the groundwork

To kick things off we held a strategy session with Tillable’s team to fully understand their needs and challenges. This included a modern and polished look and feel that still appealed to an older audience, a pristine user experience that effectively generates qualified leads, and a product optimized for mobile performance.

To fully understand the customers’ needs, wants, and desires, we conducted a series of interviews that led to solutions such as updating the language of navigation and calls-to-action, as well as adding forms such as “Get your free Farmland Checkup”.


Close collaboration with our clients is of the utmost importance with each of our engagements. Throughout each phase of this project, we met with several key members of the Tillable team on a weekly basis to ensure everyone was tightly aligned on strategy and equipped to meet important milestones.
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Style Direction: Option 1
Tillable Moodboard
Style Direction: Option 2
Tillable Moodboard
Style Direction: Option 3

Cultivating a winning user experience

Along with employing their own experience & expertise, the Tillable marketing team also consulted with a number of specialists (research specialists, branding consultants, copywriters, etc.) to crystallize their brand direction prior to embarking upon the new website rebuild.

Once fully defined, Tillable turned to Solid Digital to bring this brand direction to life, digitally. We explored 3 visual directions that ranged from a “user-friendly farmland feel” to “high tech product.” Additionally, the site structure & overall user experience was the most crucial when considering their main objectives.

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for users to find the information they were looking for while at the same time enabling Tillable to capture leads (with an emphasis on landowner leads). We were able to effectively create & style forms using Tillable’s pre-existing CRM. We designed several multi-step forms to allow users to easily engage and to not overwhelm them with questions, while still capturing data.

A thriving partnership

Needless to say, Tillable was thrilled with the launch of their new website. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with their capable and passionate team, and are poised for a lasting partnership as we continue to support Tillable with keeping their site up-to-date and secure, maintaining our status as a capable design and development partner, always at the ready to assist with future feature enhancements.

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