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Thermoflex: Website Redesign

Thermoflex turned to us for a thoughtful website design so they could present themselves in a way that matched the elegance & sophistication of their product line.
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Thermoflex’s innovation, quality, reliability and entreprenurial spirit have earned them a world-wide reputation by an admirable list of clients: Acura, Audi, Cadillac, Ford, GM, Honda, Infinity, Mazda, Mercedez, Subaru, Toyota and more.

A leading automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier located in the heart of America, Thermoflex has been at the leading edge of design and innovative manufacturing processes since 1953.

They design and manufacture value added products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and when it was time to give their website a much-needed overhaul, they turned to Solid Digital for thoughtful website design and development so they could present themselves in a way that matched the elegance & sophistication of their product.

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Why Solid Digital?

Formerly North Shore neighbors, Thermoflex’s headquarters were just up the road from our former Highland Park office.

This website project was seen as a critical milestone in the evolution of the Thermoflex brand and something they needed to get right. They required a trustworthy, local partner with manufacturing marketing experience who they could meet, sit down, and strategize with in-person.

Solid Digital was game for the challenge and the opportunity.


Thermoflex needed a straightforward marketing website within an expedited timeline, within the constraint of a tight, fixed budget. Because of their market dominance and lack of a need for organic visibility, the keyword research and search engine optimization we typically provide were not required.

These constraints required us to streamline our process and deliver a product in a quality-driven, yet efficient manner.

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To ensure the success of this project, we leveraged a very flexible theme builder to meet their modest budget, and worked hand in hand with the client to finalize designs and layouts. We worked collaboratively to display their suite of products in a meaningful way, putting 3D renderings to work and accenting them with a pop of color.

Throughout the project we scheduled regular check-in meetings, zeroing in on designs direction, culminating in fun & collaborative final “crush session” where we worked directly with Thermoflex to power through all remaining final touches.


Normally, challenges mount when complex technology and tight deadlines meet. By communicating effectively early and often, we were able to come together with a solution that was technically capable, forward-thinking, and aesthetically mold-breaking for a manufacturer in this space.

This project was ultimately completed on-time and on-budget, much to the delight of our new friends at Thermoflex.

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