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Understanding Nicotine Logo

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World: Branding, Web Design & Development

An excellent collaborative working relationship, served as a fundamental factor that powered the success of the site.
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Case Study
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A Global, Go-To Resource for All Things Nicotine

The Understanding Nicotine site was a new initiative sponsored by The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve global health by reducing smoking-related mortality and disease by the end of this generation.

Solid Digital partnered with the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World to create and manage the Understanding Nicotine site as a dynamic, interactive, and all-encompassing resource for all things nicotine. In addition to serving as a global clearinghouse for nicotine-related research, the site was designed to provide a venue for the foundation’s analytics platform, showcasing trends, assets, and emerging commercial opportunities in the nicotine and smoking cessation space.

With a target audience of primarily academics and public health researchers, the Understanding Nicotine website was also designed to attract medical doctors, the scientific community, policymakers, and sophisticated consumers interested in the topic.

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Case Study

The top three goals of “Understanding Nicotine”:

  1. Establish an authoritative, encyclopedic online resource for facts, research, and web analytics related to nicotine and smoking cessation;
  2. Develop dynamic, interactive content with graphics that serve to visualize data from multiple angles and offer insight into a wide spectrum of data concerning nicotine; and
  3. Reinforce the position of Understanding Nicotine as a renowned data platform for attracting and encouraging engagement with academics, research scientists, and opinion leaders.
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Case Study

Misunderstood Molecule

In serving as the definitive resource of the most up-to-date research and insights, one goal of the site is a sharpened focus on myths and misconceptions concerning nicotine, along with a decoupling of nicotine from its traditional association with smoking.

The site’s deep dive into all things nicotine is sorting information into three major categories:

  • Perception, which covers the latest conversations among consumers concerning nicotine;
  • Science, which reviews the full spectrum of nicotine-related research and identifies current gaps; and
  • Patents, which tracks commercial developments in nicotine-related technology.
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Case Study

Data-Driven Experience

In addressing the interests of multiple audiences and gathering a wide spectrum of data from a proprietary analytics platform, the overarching challenge of the site was to pull data into interactive dashboards where users could sort and engage with the data that lucidly illustrate trends, assets, and opportunities.

Dynamic data visualization and graphic treatments were key to the success of the site. Sourcing a depth and breadth of data, from millions of social media mentions and blog posts, as well as academic institution patents and research studies, the website provides a unique collection of information that is not available anywhere else.

Solid Digital utilized the chart library billboard.js to power the graphic interface setting up charts that would dynamically update the data within a format that is easy for researchers to interact with and filter among various facets to find the information that they need.

Aligning Form and Function

Meeting the distinct requirements for the Understanding Nicotine site represented both visual and technical opportunities for Solid Digital.

The design and overall user experience needed to attract a high-level audience of scientists, academics, and thought leaders, as the single most comprehensive and authoritative resource for nicotine-related data and insights. At the same time, the site needed to be inviting, engaging, easy to navigate, and convey cutting-edge sensibilities for new ways of approaching entrenched assumptions.

The mix of objectives was achieved in multiple ways, beginning with an oversized representation of a nicotine molecule on the home page. The impact was an element of fun — depicting nicotine as a molecule, not as the enemy — while driving home the point at the outset that the site was ultimately about science. Solid Digital further leveraged this molecular graphic with the creation of a logo that consisted of two linked hexagon shapes. This logo was well received and worked as a lean visual element throughout the site.

The largely blue and white color scheme contributed to a clean, clinical tone, with blue-to-green color gradients adding visual interest. Typography choices served to spark engagement and grab attention with an interesting mix of large and small fonts that complement and work well together.

The use of the WordPress Elementor page builder plugin enabled Solid Digital to hand ownership of the site over to the client once the site was created. The FSFW team is now able to easily update data and add articles and new content to the site as needed.

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Success Factors​

An excellent collaborative working relationship served as a fundamental factor that powered the success of the site. Solid Digital’s process of working through the site structure and mapping out the hierarchy of pages and content helped the client team to visualize the end product in a way that effectively drove the design and development process.

Solid Digital’s innovative approach to web design, development, and SEO combined with the FSFW team’s knowledge of the content and the goals for the site fueled a particularly interesting engagement marked by learning, growth, and broadened perspectives for everyone involved.

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