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The company’s leaders wanted to change the perception that SMG3 primarily sold hardware. They needed a new website and image that showcased the SMG3’s in-house services and expertise as an end-to-end solutions provider. 

The Project

Strategic Mobility Group – also known as SMG3 (the 3 reflects the company’s three core values)  – are enterprise mobility and productivity experts who provide custom solutions for a number of Fortune 500 companies. They do much more than sell mobile hardware products. They also consult, plan, integrate, deploy, train, track and support the entire life cycle of their enterprise mobility projects.

The company’s leaders wanted to change the perception that SMG3 primarily sold hardware. The needed a new website and image that showcased the SM3’s in-house services and expertise as an end-to-end solutions provider. SMG3 was looking for a partner to help them elegantly distill and present complex information. They chose us.


To fully understand Strategic Mobility Group’s background, needs and opportunity, we began with a discovery session that included all the department heads. By hearing the perspective from teams such as marketing, sales, customer service, operations and IT, we were able to crystallize the message and direction. It also helped us – and SMG3 – gain group consensus around core customer needs and buying motivations.

Next, we interviewed a handful of SMG3 customers in a variety of different roles to better understand the market and what they liked about Strategic Mobility Group. This process confirmed our assumptions that they’re a viable solutions provider who are at their best when partnering with Fortune 500 companies to design and enhance mobility solutions.


Our team strategized the best way to present SMG3’s information, both from an information architecture and design perspective.

For Strategic Mobility Group’s content, we consolidated their information into three major buckets: What We Do includes the company’s products, services and solutions – the core of the company. Who We Are showcases the company’s culture, employees and recruiting efforts and What We’ve Done presents a strong case for working with the company through the use of a video case study and statistics.

While SMG3 wanted a colloquial approach for the copy tone, we went with a clear, clean design to enhance usability and instill confidence in the Fortune 500 target audience.


We faced a challenge: the site needed to feature many of SMG3’s products and configuration options, but not look like a commodity-driven catalog site. In addition, we wanted a way to encourage prospects to consult with SMG3 before buying to ensure the product they had in mind was, indeed, the best solution for their company. To accomplish this, we created easy-to-scan product detail pages with relevant information including data sheets, product manuals, reviews and configuration options. A prospect could also add the desired product to a quote form, rather than make a purchase. Once the prospect hit submit, someone from the SMG3 sales team would follow up and take over.

One reason that Strategic Mobility Group partnered with us was our experience in search engine optimization and PPC management. As part of our emphasis on SEO, we optimized their product pages to be hyper-focused on model numbers as well as branded keyword phrases. We restored all their broken page values that were dormant and created 301-redirects to ensure their old pages stayed searchable. In addition, we reconfigured their PPC campaigns and reorganized their Ad Groups for maximum impact.

Coming Together

During the implementation phase, our team, which included a senior web designer, several programmers, a project manager, head strategist and copywriter, came together to make the site happen. We worked closely with SMG3’s marketing team on every aspect from design to words to the behind-the-scenes technology. Two months after the site went live, we saw an increase of 113% in sessions, users and page use.