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OMEGA & Associates: UX Design & Development

OMEGA & Associates partnered with Solid Digital to overhaul their engineering website design, to better communicate values, and further establish themselves as a leader in their field.
OMEGA case study
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OMEGA is a well-established civil and construction engineering firm dedicated to making Chicagoland an easier place to live and move. They create the foundation for transportation that reduces commute times, makes communities more accessible, and provides inventive solutions to transportation challenges. Simply put, they build the crucial infrastructure that millions of people depend on every single day.

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We won an AVA Digital GOLD Award for this website!

OMEGA & Solid Digital's keys to success

With every web design project we take on, it’s critically important that we work closely with the client to define what success looks like. In OMEGA’s case with a well-established reputation and plenty of relationship-driven business, their goals were aligned with their credibility, industry authority, and talent acquisition.

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OMEGA had two key problems to solve for. Firstly, when companies are looking for a trusted engineering partner for a project, they do a lot of research to compare their options to ensure they find the best partner to build a working relationship working with. With that being said, OMEGA wasn’t standing out in the crowd, which we aimed to change. Secondly, OMEGA’s talent is one of the most important parts of their company and they were getting very few job submissions through the website. As well, OMEGA wanted to expand how they were reaching new employees because many of their employees joined because they knew someone at OMEGA prior to joining.

Our Approach

OMEGA came to us knowing they wanted to use their website to solve these problems. They wanted to refresh their brand image and the experience of the website. To kick things off we had OMEGA come into the office for a collaborative strategy session. We dug deep into their problems and assumptions to craft a solution that was custom fit to their needs.


Early on and throughout this collaborative process, we set forth a series of discovery and strategy exercises to help us understand OMEGA’s industry, business challenges, employee stakeholders, and customer personas.

In some of our initial strategy conversations, we carved out ample time to review common customer personas, the typical customer journey, and all of the most common questions and pain points along the way. As a result of these deeply informative meetings, we learned a ton about what makes OMEGA’s business and customers tick, and developed a plan to survey the current employees to understand why they joined OMEGA.


What we learned

After interviewing the key stakeholders during the strategy meeting and looking at the site analytics, we learned OMEGA had very little traffic going to the careers page and only a few resumes trickling in every so often. Not only were people not making it to the careers page, but around 74% were also falling off at the homepage.

Understanding the competition

From the competitive analysis, a few key things we learned were:

  • The majority of OMEGA’s competition had lackluster websites that gave a cold first impression.
  • Many of the competitors either didn’t have many photos of their engineering work, or they had low-quality photos that made it hard to truly evaluate the work.

Understanding the internal perspective

After a few days when all of the results came in from the survey we were able to analyze the responses and uncover some themes:

  • People cared about long-term stability, benefits, and growth opportunities. To attract prospective employees content should focus on these items.
  • Many people knew someone at OMEGA prior to joining and heard about job openings through that contact.
  • Many employees have anywhere from 15-40 years of industry experience, and many of the newer employees were influenced by this.

Digging into the brand vision

After a long session understanding OMEGA’s vision for the branding refresh there were a few key takeaways that would guide us during our exploration. The style direction needed to be bright, strong and professional. It also needed to help highlight photography of OMEGA’s work.

Crafting the goals for the website

From everything we learned and all of the constraints we discovered, we carefully crafted the following goals with OMEGA:
  1. Showcase OMEGA’s culture and benefits to recruit new talent.
  2. Improve the user experience and make information easy to find.
  3. Showcase OMEGA’s credibility as a trusted, successful engineering partner.
  4. Have the website set OMEGA apart from the dull websites of their competitors.
With an intimate understanding of OMEGA’s business, values, goals and users, we were ready to get into the weeds. We looped in OMEGA’s stakeholders early on to get clarity on things like wireframes and mockups ensuring everyone was aligned and that we stayed true to the goals throughout the entire process.
“Working with the Solid Digital team is an absolute joy. By far the best vendor group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with—which is saying a lot because I have worked with some incredible and creative vendors in the past. Their professionalism combined with their expertise, organization, and creativity is unmatched. Plus, they’re just a fun group to work with! Solid Digital hires the types of people you’d grab a beer with after work after accomplishing all the things.”
Chloé Daniels, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager, OMEGA & Associates

Style Exploration

We wanted to push ourselves early on and offer OMEGA with two directions that we felt aligned with everything we learned about the direction they wanted to take the brand. Our creative director and one of our designers set off to uniquely craft these two style directions. The first was bold, strong, and playful. The second was strong, professional, and fresh.

After discussing the two style directions with the OMEGA, we came to the conclusion that our first style direction was best suited to the constraints we laid out during the strategy meeting. We did end up taking a few things from the second style direction including, the hero styling for image overlays and the hero layout. We all agreed with the stronger and cleaner look of these aligned better with the vision we all had.

OMEGA Case Study
OMEGA Case Study

Optimizing the job search user experience

We had to find a solution to allow for people looking for jobs with OMEGA to easily find a path to exploring and applying for the open positions. We spent a lot of time looking at OMEGA’s competition and other companies to see how they were handling this problem. Some had prominent calls-to-action such as banners or buttons, others relied on a robust careers page where a user could search for what they wanted and learn more. OMEGA needed users to be able to easily find and understand their career opportunities.

We came up with two possible solutions:

  1. To have an apply now button that opened a popup form allowing the user to quickly apply.
  2. A popup with a description of each opportunity and a button to learn more about that opportunity.

There were a few trade-offs with these options. The first option is speedy and very easy to use; however, it didn’t allow the story of the company and the role to be told. While the second option takes a little longer but tells the full story of why someone would want to work at OMEGA.

We decided to go with our second option because through our discovery we knew that telling OMEGA’s story and highlighting its people was going to be much more effective than just making a speedy experience. We wanted the user to slow down and read the benefits they would get by joining the OMEGA family.

OMEGA & Associates Careers

Measure twice, cut once

Site launches are always an anxious time for clients. After weeks and months of hard work, everyone is understandably excited to share and show off the new website. To ensure the smoothest possible launch, we worked closely with the OMEGA team on a thorough quality assurance process—testing functionality and reviewing the content on both sides, and consolidating finds into a centralized QA checklist. At the end of the day, we launched on-time and on-budget, even establishing a mutual celebratory launch music playlist on Spotify.
“The team is doing a great job. Totally impressed and very glad and happy with our decision to partner with you all. We knew you would be creative, but we are LOVING that you have a solid foundation of project management. It makes it really easy for us. Thank you.”
Kristi Bruno, Associate Director – Digital Marketing Content, OMEGA & Associates
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