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Juno Logistics: Visual Design & Web Development

With a goal of increasing organic web traffic, Juno sought to update and breathe new life into its web properties, while ensuring brand consistency and a streamlined user experience.
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Global Logistics with a High-Tech Edge

Juno Logistics and Juno Customs Solutions, headquartered in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, offers a comprehensive range of freight management, logistics, heavy haul, and cross-border customs solutions. With a depth and breadth of global logistics knowledge and know-how for meeting its customers’ specific supply chain needs, Juno is on the forefront of technological innovations that streamline solutions and solve problems for both domestic and international customers. A proprietary customer information and freight management system known as j-TRAK, along with an overseas partner network that fuels strong operations throughout Asia, Europe, and South America, serve as two key factors that drive a competitive advantage for Juno’s customers.
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Digital Leap Forward

Juno approached Solid Digital with a request to design and develop a cohesive theme for three separate web properties — Juno Logistics, Juno Heavy Haul, and Juno Customs Solutions. Additional goals included:
  • Reinforce Juno’s credibility based on its technological capabilities and more than two decades of international logistics expertise,
  • The ability to support different language functionality,
  • A more engaging user experience,
  • An updated design that aligned with the company’s technological edge and commitment to innovation,
  • The ability for internal teams to be able to revise content, change layouts, and create new pages as needed, and
  • A significant increase in organic web traffic.
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Cohesive, Holistic New Direction

Early into the engagement, it became clear to both the Solid Digital team and the Juno team that consolidating the three separate websites for Juno Logistics, Juno Heavy Haul, and Juno Customs into one cohesive site would provide an enhanced user experience and integrated business solution.

There proved to be considerable overlap among the three business units, and a customer was likely to utilize all three services. Coordinating all of the messaging into a cohesive experience stood to ensure consistent branding and reinforce the full spectrum of capabilities.

Focused on bridging potential disconnects in the customer journey, the Solid Digital team consulted with Juno to develop a single logo and a cohesive site architecture. Guidance on this new approach to the Juno brand extended beyond the website and toward a new company-wide way of thinking and talking about Juno.

The new site and the company itself is now simply “Juno,” with three sub-brands — Juno Logistics, Juno Customs Solutions, and Juno Project Cargo — under the Juno parent company. For consistency and overall updating, we suggested renaming Juno Heavy Haul to Juno Project Cargo.

This new site architecture provides greater clarity for customers concerning how to work with Juno and aligns their marketing and sales messaging that emphasizes the operational advantages inherent in integrating Juno’s wide range of capabilities.

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Future-Proof Design

Realizing that global logistics is far from a one-size-fits-all endeavor, the new site is structured to reflect multiple customer journeys, emphasizing the combined advantages of technological innovation and a depth of expertise and capabilities that are focused on ensuring consistently superior outcomes for customers.

At the same time, consolidating three websites into one represented challenges from several angles. Solid Digital was diligent in creating URL redirects that mapped the former website pages to the new site. Additionally, a distinct color palette for the three service pillars — Logistics, Customs Solutions, and Project Cargo — served to distinguish among solutions that had previously appeared as three separate sites. 

Traditionally, the successful launch of any new website was followed by a slow rollup of content items, components, and branding elements that became outdated as new priorities emerged within an organization. The Juno site is among a new generation of WordPress redesigns that can easily evolve along with the company. Due to effective leverage of the Elementor plugin, the marketing team and content editors can revise content, rearrange layouts as needed, and select from a customized collection of templates for adding pages.

Animation and Energy

Simple, point-to-point animations on the site further reinforced the concept of end-to-end solutions, while at the same time, engaging users with a compelling page-viewing experience that provides a path and a guide. Within an industry that’s largely about the global movement and tracking of goods, the subtle and directed motion graphics on the site have proven to be both functional and fun. 

An additional design component on the site has been new employee photos from a photo shoot that Solid Digital directed. These images are interspersed throughout the site, sometimes accompanied by a customer testimonial,  pointing to both the human component of logistics success, as well as to the positive, family-oriented company culture.

Company Wide Launch Celebration

Further evidence of the company’s great culture is the energy that was devoted to the introduction of the new site to employees.

While Solid Digital has an extensive track record of developing and designing websites for companies that are thrilled with the results, Juno is among a handful who have taken their enthusiasm to the next level with a celebratory rollout of the site to employees. The launch of the new Juno site was introduced to employees via video, with the company’s animated mascot, a border collie named Juno, as the star. 

Creation of this new site was the result of a terrific partnership between Juno and Solid Digital — nothing short of a labor of love that resulted in a site that’s a new source of pride for the company and a powerful new resource for sales.

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