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App Resources for Parents

As parents, there’s a lot to be concerned about how our kids use the Internet and the apps that are available to them.  Below is a list of some of the apps parents should know about, other resources, and tips & tools parents can use to protect their children.

Risky Apps

Here are links to a few resources describing some of the apps which may be concerning to parents:

Most Dangerous Teen Apps of 2019 Parents Should Know:

10 Apps Kids Use That Parents Should Know About

Police Issue Warning To Parents About These 15 Smartphone Apps

Resources for Parents

To continue to be updated on potential apps and risks associated with them, we recommend the following services:

Zift & Net Nanny
Zift is a technology which allows parents to monitor and control their kids phones and tablets the same way corporations control security for distributed mobile devices.  Recently they acquired Net Nanny, a service that has been around since 1993 that was primarily focused on monitoring web activity. 

They have also created a parent portal which provides updates on a variety of subjects related to applications and kids safety:

Common Sense Media is a great resource for finding out about appropriate ages for movies and tv shows, however, they also do reviews on websites and apps, as well.  This is a good place to start learning about an app that parents might not be aware of.  Reviews include recommended ages for use.


Tips & Tools

Some tips and tools parents can use to stay aware and prevent potentially risky app use.

1. Make a family app store account
Whether you’re an iOS or Android family, using a single account to purchase and download apps is a great way to see when new applications have been installed on devices.  Protecting the account(s) with a password only the parents know further protects apps being downloaded without your permission.

2. Setup photo sharing
Apple and Google both have applications and built-in functionality to share photographs to a group when they are taken.

3. Parental Monitoring & Control Apps
As mentioned above, apps like Net Nanny can allow parents to directly control what apps are installed, website filtering, and other features (screen time limits, usage hours, etc).  Here are a list of popular apps:,review-2258.html