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People’s tastes change, they change their clothes, their hair, and every once in awhile, their online presence. Gordon Salon’s previous site, although effective for its time, inevitably has aged. Solid Digital was tasked to not only create a new site centered on beautiful design, but elegant usability as well.

The previous site was not very engaging for a user to interact with. A basic horizontal navigation and one dimensional calls to action were about all that was available. Although images were of good quality, their use was limited to decoration rather than used to enhance information. After visiting pages mostly based in paragraphs of information, the user was exhausted by the time they wanted to book with Gordon Salon. We wanted to make the site fun and exciting for the user so they learn everything they can about Gordon’s business philosophy, employees, deals, and presence before they booked online.

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With fun, beauty and elegance in mind we designed and developed a one page website covering base by base everything Gordon Salon provides to their clients. We have traded in masses of paragraphs for condensed information, engaging images, and gorgeous development choices. This site is less about the user attempting to find the information they want, and more about handing them the information with ease.

Implementing a blog for employees to discuss trends, deals, concerns, and more could become a fun way for their clients to realize the experience and knowledge that resides at Gordon. The blog also helps create searchable content, enabling frequent traffic via organic search. Instead of using an unstyled Twitter and Facebook widget, we designed Twitter, Facebook and video as if it is baked into the site.


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